Delivered By Drone

Made in Melbourne, Delivered by Drone:

Prototyping Melbourne’s manufacturing future

In our globalised world, hyper-connectivity is seen as the anathema for local production. In order make proximity an asset again, we might need to connect ourselves even more.

Made in Melbourne is a crowd-sourced drone delivery network aiming to stimulate local production. Its distributed, mesh-based structure is new infrastructure for the city, growing organically and not needing huge initial capital. Taking advantage of this new delivery network, a manufacturing ‘hub’ will created in South Melbourne under the Citylink bypass, prototyping the future of local production.

Mass consumption changed our cities in the twentieth century. Digital production will change Melbourne again in the twenty first. Let’s Make in Melbourne.


Affordable drones have limited range. Made in Melbourne is a peer to peer drone network, much like the internet. Deliveries exceeding a single drone’s range are routed through the network by ‘hopping’ across a series of crowd sourced drone relay docks located at local businesses through the city.

Businesses are encouraged to participate in the network twofold: (1) ensuring their own customers are within drown range, and (2) enabling drone access to the entire mesh drone network – at a discounted rate. Crowdsourcing enables network growth to be organic: the more demand for drones in one area, the more incentives local businesses there have to get in on the network and increase drone range.

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